The summer was an amazing adventure filled with new friends, journeys and partnerships. The fall is here and we will be adding some new and exciting components to our program!

The fall cycle begins on October 7, 2015 from 5-7 p.m. at The Painted Bride Theater.  We are excited to announce our partnership with the Hip Hop Center For Education. Our students will now be able to include music in their artistic expressions of global activism and advocacy.  We will be attending and participating in the ' Teens take over the MET' on October 16th and truly appreciate your continued support in working to raise the funds and the generous donations to our program that ensure each cycle is equipped with supplies and snacks. 

Also, our youth have been working hard and it has paid off! We now have youth that travel to other organizations events and are hired to use the skills they have gained through the program to photograph, record and write for/about these fabulous youth organization in our city. I am so very proud of them andgrateful to the leaders of these organization that have taken an interest in the work our students are doing and the faith they have in the work they can do for their organizations.

If you are interested in partnering your youth with the program or wish to use the curriculum please check the link in news on the site! We are overjoyed at the community we are growing in bartering and sharing services with other youth organizations this year. We are growing with each cycle in art, activism and advocacy!